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David Thomas Waller
Sculpture, Ceramics, Painting and Drawing

My works embraces four main categories. The importance of both sculpture and ceramics fulfils my desire to produce 3-Dimensional objects. I am inspired by both the man-made and the natural world. The finished pieces combine human, organic, abstract, and mechanical influences. My drawing and painting explores both the human form and the natural world.

In capturing the subject I aim to express the design, shape, rhythm and colour. Attention to the atmosphere further enhances the work producing both dynamic and sensitive results.

David Thomas Waller - Blue
Blue Oasis
David Thomas Waller - Concentric
Concentric Vase
David Thomas Waller - The Pilot
The Pilot
David Thomas Waller - Sun Goddess
Sun Goddess
David Thomas Waller - The Stretch
The Stretch
David Thomas Waller - Toasted Vase
Toasted Vase
David Thomas Waller - Tuscany
David Thomas Waller - Winter Sunset detail
Winter Sunset (detail)

Phone 07890 099 432

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