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Leora Morell-Neves

Leora Morell-Neves is an artist and musician. She studied foundation art at Central St Martins and continued onto Birmingham University completing a degree in History of Art and Italian, including a year in Florence University.

She uses different mediums, but has a love of the textures and pure colours of pastels.

Her personal symbology and expression has developed over the years out of her personal studies of different spiritual and aesthetic traditions. She is intrigued with the revelations of the portrait and the natural world, for the forms seem and the insight of the unseen.

Leora Morell-Neves - Serene Beauty
Leora Morell-Neves - Inner Portrait I
Leora Morell-Neves - Musical Mind Leora Morell-Neves - Musical Glasses
Leora Morell-Neves - Reach for the Light
Leora Morell-Neves - Birth Garden


Leora Morell-Neves

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