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Haika Arom

Haika works with hand-made paper creating collage using various materials. Her work is influenced by nature and intuition. The result is a delicate combination of texture, line and colours. The aim is non-specific. Having created art all her life, the work is an integral part of who she is, an expression of her sense of self.

Haika - Composition
Haika - Plantscape
Haika - Recollection 2
Recollection 2
Haika - Red
Haika - Vertical 8
Vertical 8
Haika - Green Impressions
Green Impressions

Haika's work process falls into two stages: the origin or 'excuse', a seemingly random event, image, or found object that sparks the process, and the subsequent toil. The toil is the physical process of working with colour, texture, and drawing, and frequently leads to a piece being erased or torn up and reworked to produce a new one. The integral nature of paper, mark and colour imply the history of the surface, the submerged presence of ideas glimpsed and fragments interred.

The results are like the vestiges of memory, hinting at shapes seen, colours celebrated, or residual traces of things known. There is an intuitive freedom of mark and edge, combined with an almost architectural sense of form. Restrained composition balanced by the fragility of the surface which disappears completely at times, leaving the viewer to imagine what might have been lost, or indeed, what might still be found.



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