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Mel Isaacs

My pictures predominantly feature wildlife subjects as well as more domesticated creatures. I seek to apply portraiture techniques to these subjects, I am not a naturalist and I try to avoid an academic approach to animal photography, I simply pursue and try to capture visually exciting images.

I started my creative endeavours as a painter at St. Martins in the 60’s moving to photography in the 80’s, my enthusiasm was greatly stimulated with the advent of Digital Imaging and the huge increase in control over final output it gives to a non technician like myself.

Mel Isaacs - Mr Bombastic image
Mr Bombastic
Mel Isaacs - Resting Emperor image
Resting Emperor
Mel Isaacs - Searching Swans
Searching Swans
Mel Isaacs - the Imperious Seal
The Imperious Seal
Mel Isaacs - the Siblings image
The Siblings
Mel Isaacs - The Swan image
The Swan


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