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M. V. Ellison

I produce large works. At present I am using oil on canvas. My aim is to interpret the movement and excitement of Jazz and dance. I am enthralled by the idea of turning sound into vision.

M V Ellison - Night Blues
Night Blues
M V Ellison - Jazzy Summer Day
Jazzy Summer Day
M V Ellison - Night on the Waterfront
Night on the Waterfront
M V Ellison - Tribute to Ben
Tribute to Ben
M V Ellison - Jazzy Summer Day
Sunny Day
M V Ellison - Bird was It
Bird was It

I have been working in my own studio since 1961. During this time I have produced a large body of work, including figurative, landscape, flower studies and abstract paintings. My approach has always been experimental, evolving techniques to best interpret my ideas and feelings. Music, in particular Jazz, has always been a key componant of this process. I use a variety of media.



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