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Robert Offord
Drawing, Painting, Collage and Construction

I cross boundaries and work in many different media, from conventional painting and drawing to 3D boxed constructions which can seem to extrapolate a vast alternative reality from some humble found object.

A common theme which has reoccured in my work for many years is the juxtaposition and contrast of elements. These can be anything from natural forms compared with man-made fabrications, to geometrical order vs the chaos of randomness. I both explore opposites and propose similies. Figurative and abstract, body and soul, or simply earth and sky.

Robert Offord - Cake Fall
Cake Fall
Robert Offord - Apple Balance picture
Apple Balance
Robert Offord - Eastbound Ship
Eastbound Ship
Robert Offord - Excavation

Robert Offord - Coctails at the Mars Hotel image
Cocktails at the Mars Hotel

Poppy Poison


Robert Offord

Telephone: 020 8360 0628

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