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Sarah Ollerenshaw
Painting and Fine Art Restoration

Sarah Ollerenshaw is an artist and a restorer of fine art and antique frames. She studied Spanish and History of art at Birmingham University and then took a postgraduate diploma at Christie's which led on to an apprenticeship in restoration and conservation. Throughout her studies and restoration work she has always painted.

Sarah creates a substructure on the canvas and then builds up successive layers of paint. The canvasses are gilded before being burnished, distressed and waxed to a high finish.

Sarah's paintings are contemporary and yet they communicate a sense of age together with a timeless, enduring image of hope, love and sacrifice. Her influences include the sculptor Brancusi, mediaeval art and religious imagery of early altarpieces.

Sarah Ollerenshaw - Halo Head
Halo Head
Sarah Ollerenshaw Hand in Hand artwork
Halo Head
Sarah Ollereshaw - Cross Tryptich
Cross triptych
Hand in Hand ditych
Hand in Hand diptych
Sarah Ollerenshaw - Halo Head
Halo Head framed
Sarah Ollerenshaw - Halo Head monoprint
Halo Head monoprint


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